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Approved Pre-owned STOCK


5 String Singlecut - SOLD £1750

5 string singlecut
34" scale
24 frets
3 piece maple (black veneers between), Alder headstock scarf
Indian Rosewood f/board
small fretwire
two way truss rod
carbon fibre reinforcement
brass nut
dot markers, triple dots on 12th and 24th position

alder body
buckeye burl semi curve top
walnut strip joining the neck to the body
polyester basecoat
satin lacquer

schaller 2000 bridge
gotoh tuners
ruthenium finish

Delano SBC HE4 pickups
3 band Pope Flexcore Preamp eq

The ramp is removable, made of ebony.

A kill switch was added at the workshop

There is only one small dent on the bass, this is just above the control cover, other than that its in near perfect condition.


4 String Uberhorn fretless - Available £2000

4 string Uberhorn
34" scale
double octave
Laminated Mahogany / maple set neck
Phenolic resin thru f/board
two way truss rod
carbon fibre reinforcement
composite nut
fret position edge markers, 2mm side dots
2mm Mother of pearl face dots between G and D string
African Blackwood Headstock veneer
Gotoh GB707 tuners

mahogany body
African Blackwood top
polyester basecoat
gloss lacquer

ABM piezo bridge units, recessed into fretboars, thru stringing
Graphtech Ghost piezo preamp
3 band eqRear mounted magnetic pickup
3 band Pope Flexcore Preamp eq